Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District


Our mission is to provide leadership and administer programs to help conserve, improve, and sustain our natural resources and environment as well as reducing soil erosion and improving water quality.

Our office is located at 711 North DuQuoin Street in Benton, Illinois.  Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  (618)438-4021 ext. 3

Cost Share Money Available

The Illinois Department of Ag has released cost-share money to all Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the state.  The Franklin County SWCD now has available a very small amount of cost share money for implementation of approved practices. The program provides cost share assistance and other financial incentives for the construction or adoption of projects that conserve soil and protect water quality, that reduce soil erosion and improve water quality.  Water Well Decommissioning projects (WDP) to safely decommission inactive water wells and help reduce the potential for groundwater pollution is also an approved cost-share practice.  The objectives and highlights of the program are as follows:


‑     Assist land users with sheet and rill erosion exceeding “T” (tolerable soil loss level), or with ephemeral/gully erosion, in constructing projects, which conserve soil, protect water quality and reduce flooding.

-          Provide incentives to eligible land users in approved targeted for the adoption of nutrient management projects that minimize the transport of nutrients to surface water and groundwater.

-          Provide incentives to owners of abandoned wells to properly decommission and seal the wells so the potential for groundwater pollution is reduced or eliminated.

-          Address water quality issues related to sediment, nutrients and other non-point source pollutants.